Recent Gov’t Announcement and Policy Questions

July 30, 2013 by CRC Action Group in News

We are receiving a lot of questions and concerns regarding the Province’s recently released news about the expectations of mitigation at We want you to know that we are looking at this very closely and the more we look the more questions we have. Several of you have spoken to Provincial Officials directly today and this doesn’t seem to have cleared up what is expected of us either. We are researching a number of issues and are trying to find clarity. We are still unsure when the Land Title notification gets added, whether taking the DRP $1200 emergency funding counts as “taking the money” in this regard, to what extent you have to mitigate to have the note on title reversed, what is the funding formula for those in the floodway and what the implications may be on insurance and banking if any? This is by no means an exhaustive list of our questions. In order to help us collate and seek meaningful answers to these questions and others your input is helpful. If you have additional questions or (wishfully) anwsers send them to

We have had a volunteer of admin support which is fantastic. But we are finding that keeping the website up to date may require a little more time than anticipated. If anyone is excellent with WordPress/Electronic Filing/Updating MailChimp Databases and could lend a virtual hand that would be very welcome:)