Meeting Summary Alberta Transportation and Stantec

January 5, 2015 by CRC Action Group in News

Representatives from CRCAG met with representatives from Alberta Transportation, Environment and Sustainable Resource Development and Stantec on December 11, 2014 to get updates for the Springbank off-stream Reservoir Project (SR1).
Highlights from Meeting 

  • Responsibilities
    • Alberta Transportation – Design and Build of project
    • Stantec – Engineering and Environmental Review
    • ESRD – Coordinate the overall approach to flood mitigation
  • Background and completed work to date
    • AMEC Feasibility study completed
    • SR1 – Conceptual Design completed/ working on Environmental Impact Assessment and Detailed Engineering.
    • SR1 – Early stages of both: Engineering and Design as well as Environmental (EIA)
    • Stantec – working on desktop EIA
  • SR1 timeline was reviewed:
    • Cost / Benefit for SR1 project – January 2015
    • Canadian Environment Agency (CEA) – unknown impact to project timeline – desktop project to be submitted for February 2015
    • Landowner discussions to access land – scheduled for April 2015
    • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report – scheduled completion Q1 2016 (full year study)
    • Timelines for SR1 have moved out significantly with the new development of a National Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) environmental, economic and social impact review process that has never before been discussed – currently estimating 11-12 months into 2017
    • Permit Process – no timeline given
    • Construction – 2017 – 18-24 month construction (one full year later than mentioned by Kyle Fawcett at our November 14th meeting)
    • Full operation of SR1 – 2019
  • Open House consultations for SR1
    • January 27th  – Mount Royal University
    • January 28th  – Cochrane RancheHouse

In Attendance: Mark Svenson (Transportation), Brittany Goulding (ESRD), Russ Mackenzie (Stantec), Truper McBride (Stantec), Megan Young (Communica), Tony Morris (CRCAG), Daryl Rudichuk (CRCAG), David Carlson (CRCAG), Steve Forrest (CRCAG).