Flood Mitigation Survey

August 11, 2013 by CRC Action Group in News
The survey will need to be completed by Wednesday August 14 for CRC Action Group to use this information when meeting with government officials.

This survey is intended to collect information from affected homeowners as to the feasibility and practicality of implementing the flood mitigation steps and using the approved building materials.  The CRCAG will use this information when meeting with government officials to provide feedback and proposals regarding the flood mitigation steps.  By completing this survey, you agree to permit the CRCAG use the information you have provided to further the purpose and goals of the CRCAG and understand that this information will not be kept private or confidential.

According to information provided by the provincial government (http://alberta.ca/Flood-Mitigation.cfm), flood mitigation measures apply to you if you:

  • own property in a flood fringe area;
  • had damage caused by the June 2013 flooding;
  • are eligible for the Disaster Recovery Program (DRP) in Southern Alberta or Wood Buffalo.

Homes and businesses with finished or semi-finished basements must follow all the steps below. Homes and businesses with unfinished basements can start at Step 2.

  1. Refinish with materials and finishes that resist water damage and are cleanable.
  2. Seal all the openings in the basement wall where piping, wiring and conduits come through, to prevent seepage.
  3. Relocate main electrical panel, so it is not located in the basement; the main floor of the dwelling would be acceptable. Circuits feeding electrical outlets and equipment in the basement are to be separate and isolated from the remainder of the dwelling, so power can be restored quickly in the event of a flood.
  4. Protect plumbing fixtures/equipment located in basements from backflow from the public sewer.

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