DRP Policy Shift for Older Homes with Catastrophic Damage

December 18, 2013 by CRC Action Group in Damage to Homes, News

Dear Members,


DRP officials have reached out to us and have indicated that, based on consistent feedback and further review, they are making changes to how they will be applying the DRP Guidelines when it comes to older homes that have suffered catastrophic damage. The DRP will now choose to focus on pre-disaster functional conditional and is seeking to close the gap between actual loss and DRP support for these homes.  The rubic that will be applied is still being sorted through but DRP officials are seeking to identify applicants to whom this new approach will apply.


John Conrad of the DRP has specifically asked that we reach out to our membership to let them know of this change and to help identify applicants. If you have an older home that was significantly damaged by the flood and/or you were previously denied compensation due to “pre-existing damage” please send us a note and we will forward it to DRP so that your file can be reviewed.


We would very much like to thank John Conrad for his ongoing engagement with us and our membership on this issue.