Community Information Session in Bowness reveals new details

January 19, 2018 by CRC Action Group in News

On Tuesday evening, the City hosted a Community Information Session in Bowness so that residents could learn about flood mitigation plans slated for the community, namely a local berm planned for Bow Crescent. We were in attendance and it was a packed house.


Information about the proposed berm was distributed via a six-page handout in resident mailboxes in December, however, we wanted to update you on information gathered at the info session on what’s proposed:


  • The average height of the berm will be 1 meter, which includes 0.5 meters extra safety factor. Ranges from less than 0.5 meters to 2.2 meters in heightdepending on the property.
  • For some properties, given the varied topography, a wall as opposed to berm may be built to required height specifications.
  • The berm will be at the correct height to mitigate an approx. 1230 cms* flood (being a 1 in 20 year event). The 2013 flood on the Bow was approx. 1840 cms and Bowness will see some overland flooding at 850 cms (12% chance each year).
  • The five-year deal with TransAlta to modify operations of the Ghost Reservoir will add additional mitigation to reduce (with the berm) the risk of flooding.
  • The City will pursue large upstream reservoir mitigation built by the Province in order to achieve at a minimum a 1:100 target of 2020 cms attenuation. The goal is to reduce flood risk to less than 0.5% a year.
  • The specific design and location of the  berms is TBD. Typical berms are 4:1 (i.e. 4m wide for each 1 meter high), but it is unclear if these specs will apply to this project.
  • Requires 1 meter width of clay to make it impervious.
  • Lots of consultation to come.
  • Construction in 2020. Full timeline pictured below.


*Cubic Meters per Second




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