What is the City’s role in the building of SR1?

November 17, 2017 by CRC Action Group in News

If the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir is a Provincial project, then what is the City’s role?


The City of Calgary has publicly backed the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir (SR1), recognizing it is critical to building flood resiliency for the city, and for ensuring flood mitigation on the Elbow River.


That said, since SR1 will be located outside of the City’s jurisdiction, the location, design, and construction of the reservoir is the responsibility of the Province of Alberta.


So, exactly what is The City’s role in the building of the SR1?


As a critical stakeholder, the City meets regularly with the Government of Alberta project team to discuss the design and operations of SR1, and City-lead research has informed the process along the way.



Please refer to the City’s FAQ on the Springbank Off-stream Reservoir that was recently published. It provides a terrific summary of the key features of the Project and why the City thinks that the Springbank Project is the best first-choice project to achieve upstream mitigation on the Elbow river, in conjunction with the Glenmore Reservoir gates; which are currently under construction.

For more information on the City’s flood research and mitigation efforts, visit: Flooding in Calgary: Mitigation and Resilience.


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