CRCAG Members – Happy Holidays!

December 23, 2017 by CRC Action Group in News

2017 Progress Toward Flood Protection   It is hard to believe we are onto our 5th Christmas post-flood.  And here we still are just as vulnerable to a flood disaster as we were in 2013.  However, that’s not to say progress has not been made, in particular:   The Springbank project is well into the environmental review process, has strong support from all three levels of government and, in combination with […]

What would an entirely flood-proof city look like?

December 12, 2017 by CRC Action Group in News

As the recent floods from Bangladesh to Texas show, it’s not just the unprecedented magnitude of storms that can cause disaster: it’s urbanisation.   As a result, urban areas around the world are employing creative technologies to protect themselves from flooding and severe weather events.   Permeable pavement in Chicago, “sponge cities” in China, and elevated neighbourhoods in New Jersey are just a few of the examples highlighted in these […]

Springbank Project is critical for many communities, not just Calgary

December 11, 2017 by CRC Action Group in News

Recently, the Springbank Project was discussed in the Medicine Hat Times, a clear reminder that the project is not just a Calgary imperative, but is critical for many communities.   Read the full article here: Time to get started on the long view of flood protection   Regards,   Your CRCAG Board

In the news: CRCAG on 770 AM radio

December 7, 2017 by CRC Action Group in News

On November 24, CRCAG Co-President, Brenda Leeds Binder, spoke on Danielle Smith’s show in response to the news that some Springbank landowners had entered into a joint venture with Bordeaux Developments to build a master-plan community where the Springbank off-stream reservoir is intended to be built.   Listen to the full episode here (11 minutes):   As always, stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter accounts where we share […]

CRCAG meets with Transportation Minister Brian Mason

December 4, 2017 by CRC Action Group in News

Highlights from meeting with Alberta Transportation   Last week, members of your CRCAG Team met with Minister Brian Mason, his Deputy Minister, and his Chief of Staff. We covered many topics, the highlights of which are:   While it was a virtual certainty that the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency would wish to receive further information from the Transportation Ministry (as proponent of the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir Project), the number of questions […]