September CRCAG Update

September 8, 2015 by CRC Action Group in News

You may have seen the recent Calgary Herald article indicating that the new NDP Government intends to announce its Elbow River upstream mitigation project commitments in the very near future, following its evidence-based review of the options before it.


As you know, CRCAG has supported the completion of the Springbank Off-stream Diversion Project as the first project to pursue, given our consideration of the extensive studies that have been completed and its overall merits relative to the other options. This Project includes local mitigation solutions upstream of the diversion structure on the Elbow River to protect those communities.


Our past-president, Emma May, asked us to post the following comments about your ongoing engagement, and we’re happy to do so. Please give it a read.


More importantly, please take action, by going to the following link, clicking the “Email the Premier” button on the right, and sending a message to our Premier (customized as you see fit). While the evidence clearly points to the Springback Project as the first to be undertaken, now is not the time to take its completion for granted, and your voice matters.


Here’s Emma’s message:


Dear CRCAG Members:


I wanted to reach out to members of CRCAG who were so supportive of my and others efforts to get flood mitigation built. I learnt a great deal over the past two years. And some lessons have stung a little more than others;)


But what remains very clear to me is that power lies in the hands of the people.  When people are organized and vocal – government pays attention.


I was on the receiving end of advocacy for many projects/causes when I was in the Premier’s office. The issues that tend to get the most attention and traction are the issues regular folks are concerned enough about they take the time to write to their representatives and government staffers. So regardless of how great a job you think your elected representatives are doing, or how much you love and respect the CRCAG board (because they deserve much love and respect:)) YOU EACH NEED TO CONTINUE TO WRITE TO THE DECISION MAKERS on a regular basis.


Do not let your voice wane. Do not assume others “have got this”. Do not let go of continuing to advocate for much needed mitigation. 


At that first CRCAG meeting back in July of 2013, Allan Markin gave us some sage advice: “Stay intelligently angry!” 


Please, stay angry, stay vocal, and exercise your voice and your power.