Response to Prevention Guidelines

July 30, 2013 by CRC Action Group in News

Thank you to everyone who has submitted their questions and comments to us regarding the new provincial guidelines. We have consolidated these comments and are presenting them to high level government officials.

We would like to also take a step back from interpretation of the details and administration of the DRP policy and clarify that we fundamentally believe while some of these measures may be helpful to mitigating future damage, they are far inferior to having effort focused on a good upstream flood prevention plan for the City of Calgary. We are being asked to fundamentally change the way we live in our homes. We do not believe that the individual homeowner can bear the responsibility of preventing damages to their home when faced with a flood of the magnitude of June 21, 2013. Building to the proposed standards will involve additional cost to the Government and homeowner and maybe quite meaningless in any event. So while we seek clarity for you on how these guideline and measures intend to be applied, and what may make sense for each homeowner, we continue to lobby for “big picture” thinking which would negate the necessity of the flood plain mapping application in its entirety, not compromise fundamental property rights, and not artificially diminish home values.

We are formally creating our organization today. Team leads will be contacting volunteers shortly.