Property Tax Relief Call to Action

January 26, 2014 by CRC Action Group in Meetings & Updates, News, Property Tax Relief




CRCAG was very interested to learn of the provincially funded tax credit program being implemented by the municipalities of High River, Medicine Hat and Rocky View County.  As reported in the Calgary Herald, the Town of High River is unveiling today a three-year tax relief program for property owners whose homes and commercial buildings were rendered uninhabitable for at least 90 days, following the flood.


The program is provincially funded, however it is up to the municipality to waive property taxes and submit an application for reimbursement to the province.  As reported, Calgary is eligible, but as yet has not notified the province they plan to roll out the program in Calgary.


The full story may be viewed at:


Why not Calgary?  If you are wondering – as we are – why Calgary has not applied to roll out this program, we suggest that you immediately contact your City Councillor and the Mayor, and let them know you support this program and would like to see it available to flood impacted Calgarians!  Or send Mayor Nenshi a tweet! (@Nenshi). Our Mayor is presenting on a panel at the World Economic Forum tomorrow morning in Switzerland on “Building Resilience after Natural Disasters”.  How better to build resilience than by assisting flood-impacted businesses and homeowners in every way available, to expedite the long and arduous recovery process.
Contact information for Calgary Councillors:

Ward 1:
Ward 7:
Ward 8:
Ward 9:
Ward 11: and



Mayor’s Office:


CRCAG has been working over the past several weeks to secure a meeting with the Mayor and key officials, to express our views and exchange ideas on the City’s substantive planning for short term and long term flood mitigation strategies, and on business and homeowner support on numerous fronts.


We understand this meeting is imminent upon the Mayor’s return to Calgary and we will keep you posted.