Mayor Nenshi needs to support the Springbank Reservoir!

June 13, 2015 by CRC Action Group in Calgary River Communities, News

June 13, 2015


Mayor Nenshi,


Below is a link to an Ad placed in the Calgary Herald today by the “Don’t Damn Springbank” group.  We are very concerned about the misleading content and the overall message.  As you stated during the recent provincial election, flood mitigation should be the number one issue for Calgarians.  And the province must not lose momentum on the Springbank Off-stream Reservoir project, which is an in-flight project in the works for nearly a year, at great taxpayer expense.


As you know given the province’s own extensive studies, the Springbank project is the most sensible, cost-effective and timely solution for Calgary.  However, even on an accelerated time line, this project at the earliest will not be completed until 2018.  If there are further delays caused by the uninformed fears planted by messages of this nature, Calgary is seriously at risk of facing another devastating flood before there are measures of any kind in place to protect the City.


Your support for the Springbank project is critical for Calgarians – as you are the voice of this City.  We look to you to ensure our new provincial leader is fully aware that the City wants the Springbank Off-stream Reservoir – because the one million people that live here and depend on the economy generated by the vulnerable downtown core need and deserve protection.


Our question to you is simple: Will you once again publicly vocalize your support for the Springbank project to proceed as quickly as possible to protect the City of Calgary?


We look forward to your positive affirmation of publicly supporting the Springbank project as soon as possible.


Respectfully yours,


Calgary River Communities Action Group