Land Use By-Law Amendments Tabled/CRCAG AGM Notice/Transalta Contact Info

May 12, 2014 by CRC Action Group in News

Bylaw Amendments Tabled/ Notice of CRCAG AGM / Updated Transalta Contact Representative.

Land Use By-law Amendments

The Land Use By-Law Flood Hazard Area Proposed Amendments were tabled for a month at this morning’s City Council Meeting. Councillor Evan Woolley moved to table the amendments in order to seek further consultation with impacted communities. Council supported this motion.

We appreciate the support the flood community councillors demonstrated in response to our concerns. We also appreciate the engagement we had with the Mayor’s Office on this topic. At today’s council meeting the Mayor specifically mentioned the concerns he was hearing from citizens. We look forward to continuing this conversation with Administration and Council over the next few weeks. The matter will come back before Council on June 9, 2014. We will keep membership appraised of this ongoing matter.

Annual General Meeting

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: The Calgary River Communities Action Group will be hosting an AGM on June 12, at 7pm at the Bowness Community Association. Details to follow in the coming days.

Proper Transalta Contact Information

The folks at Transalta reached out to us to let us know that there is a better contact for those who are concerned about the operational management of the facilities on the Bow. Please reach out to

This account is apparently regularly monitored and responds to questions and concerns.