Land Use Bylaw Update and Info Sessions

May 25, 2014 by CRC Action Group in News

The City of Calgary will be hosting Land Use Bylaw Flood Hazard Area Changes Info Sessions as follows:

Monday May 26, 6pm to 8pm at the Hillhurst Community Association and Thursday May 29, 6pm to 8pm at Christ Church in Elbow Park.

Please also watch this video the City has posted explaining the rational behind the changes.

Video can be viewed here:

In the video, we are told that only if you make “substantive changes” to your previously grandfathered property will you need to do the proposed mitigation measures (moving your mechanical to the main flood etc…) and we are told that this “substantive change” would mean 10% change to your home’s footprint. CRCAG has meetings scheduled with the City on this topic this week and we intend to explore how a 10% change to your footprint can be deemed substantive change.

Please continue to write to all City Councillors on this topic. Your emails, letters and calls make a big difference. Make sure to include all councillors as this is a matter that will be voted on by all of City Council. Not just our Councillors.

CRCAG will update as the the outcome of our meeting.

We are also hoping to update on mitigation progress in the coming weeks.

And once again a reminder of our AGM June 12 at the Bowness Community Association.