Flood Mitigation Report Goes To Council On Monday

April 8, 2017 by CRC Action Group in News

Flood Mitigation recommendations from Standing Policy Committee go to Council on Monday, April 10


The Flood Mitigation Measures Assessment Report from the Standing Policy Committee on Utilities and Corporate Services will go to Council on Monday, April 10th but it will not be open for public discussion.


In our April 3rd email “Summary of the City’s “Standing Policy Committee” Presentation,” the section “What happens next?” read:


The recommendations will be passed to Council in a public meeting; we don’t know the date yet. Members of the public will each have an opportunity to speak for 5 minutes at this meeting. Your CRCAG executive will attend, but we encourage everyone to attend and let the City know how you were affected by the flood, and tell the City to fully engage on all six recommendations.


This statement is incorrect, as the public will NOT have the opportunity to speak to this particular item at Monday’s Council meeting.


For anyone wanting to speak to this item, we encourage them to send their comments via email to all Council members (including the Mayor). Comments will be forwarded to ensure Council sees them prior to the item coming forward.


Council contacts can be found here.


The public is free to attend Council on April 10th to listen, or you can tune into the webcast online. The full agenda for Monday’s meeting can be found here.