Flood Advisory Panel – September 10th

September 16, 2013 by CRC Action Group in News

On Tuesday Sept 10, the Executive Committee of CRC Action Group met with Allan Markin and members of his Flood Advisory Panel. The Panel gave us an overview of their proposed plans for mitigation for several areas of southern Alberta, including Calgary. The Panel sounded very encouraged that they have made significant progress on identifying potential practical, doable, permanent upstream flood mitigation solutions. Possible implementation of a package of upstream solutions could provide significant protection in future floods. Some of the measures could potentially be engineered and constructed in a relatively fast time frame.

We expect the Provincial Government to release more information with regard to community mitigation in the coming weeks but we at CRCAG want to communicate that we are encouraged that the Panel appears to have come up with effective, economically prudent and environmentally benign potential solutions to prevent future flooding. If implemented as planned, we would see significant work done before next spring. Our understanding is that the Panel and all levels of Government are working closely together. Government is also reaching out to municipalities and others for additional ideas and are lining up engineering experts to be ready to scope potential projects. Mr. Markin advised that he is well aware of his commitment to report back to us within 60-90 days and that, with the Government’s support, he is working towards this target. We will do our best to keep you informed as we learn more.

Also look out for our new DRP survey which we will be releasing later this evening or early tomorrow.

Thank you all for your continued engagement and support!