Elbow River FootBridges

January 26, 2014 by CRC Action Group in Footbridges, Meetings & Updates, News

Hi Everyone,


Our member Shannon Young made inquires of Councillor Brian Pincott as the status of the rebuild of the footbridges across the Elbow River. Mr. Pincott provided her with this update today.


“Hello Ms Young (et al),


Thanks for your note. I appreciate the passion and concern about the three pedestrian bridges destroyed in the flood. I have had many chats with residents about the bridges and the need for their reconstruction. I have also had a few offers of financial assistance from residents which has shown the importance of them for all the reasons you outlined. None of this has been lost on me, nor the City.


So, here is an update on the process so far, and I get this from a meeting with City staff that I had last week concerning the rebuilding of the bridges.


The engineering consulting consultant for the project was retained in the fall to do the preliminary work for the project. This was necessary to understand the geotech and other parameters that would influence the design. That work has been done, and the city is currently in the process of engaging the design/build company for the project.


The intended timeline for the construction of the bridges is to start early this spring, with the intent of finishing two of the bridges while striving for the desire to finish all three in 2014. Hopefully we will get all three completed. I am not sure where you are getting information about only one bridge being done this year, nor for construction to not start until June or July. Since the fall, I have been telling people that at least two will be built in 2014. The order of construction is intended to have the Riverdale/Sifton bridge being built last, as it is closest to another functioning bridge (Elbow Drive).


There are a number of permitting requirements that have to be hurdled in the process. Alberta Environment and the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans have jurisdiction over sections of the river. There are also two “no build” periods within the river due to fish spawning cycles. But, all of that will be dealt with over the winter in preparation for the earliest possible start to construction.


I will be receiving another update from City staff in February and hopefully a schedule with that, which I will be able to share with you.


So, there is no lack of leadership from this quarter. I realize how important these bridges are and have been pushing for their quick reconstruction from day one. There will not be a delay in this at all. (I also explored the use of temporary bridges but they were not feasible, primarily due to space restraints).


On a note for everyone copied on this email: I will keep you informed about any updates on the bridges (or any other issue you wish) if you reply to me asking to be kept updated. I know that some of you are already on my update list. If you do wish to be kept informed, please let me know, along with your address so that I can get the relevant information to you.


I am very much looking forward to using the new bridges in 2014!”


Brian Pincott
Ward 11


CRCAG will keep you posted on any further updates.