Elbow Park School – Modular School Opens, Kindergarten Open House and Kindergarten Registration

January 9, 2014 by CRC Action Group in News, Schools

The new modular Elbow Park School opened its doors to students this week.  The temporary school is fresh, clean and spacious and will provide an excellent learning environment for the students of Elbow Park School, until their school is rebuilt.


The modular school is conveniently located in the neighbouring community of Mount Royal, adjacent the Earl Grey school, and is walking distance for many, while bussing continues to be provided for others.


This Friday, January 10th, the Elbow Park School is hosting an open house from 9-10 am for students that will be entering the kindergarten program in the fall of 2014 (see attachment for details).  Kindergarten registration commences this upcoming Monday, January 13th.


If you are a resident of the community of Elbow Park, please consider the Elbow Park School for the kindergarten student in your family.  It is families with young children that must rally to support the school, which provides incredible value to our children and community.  Assurances have been made by the Provincial Government that the Elbow Park School will be rebuilt or restored.  Yesterday, the CBE Trustees voted to rebuild the school.


As reported in the media, a rebuilt school could open its doors in the fall of 2016.  Let’s support our government in supporting us by continuing to enroll our children in this wonderful community school.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Elbow Park School, you may find these parent testimonials helpful.


“The Elbow Park School is an excellent school that consistently performs exceedingly well in the Alberta Education Achievement tests and the Fraser Institute school rankings.  In fact, the strength of the school was a major reason we moved to the community of Elbow Park.  The sense of community generated by this school is like none I’ve experienced before and I highly recommend this school for families in the community.”  Brenda Leeds Binder, parent of Elbow Park School students and Member of the Calgary River Communities Action Group Board of Directors.


“Mrs. Goodmanson is a wonderful kindergarten teacher.  She provides a welcoming, nurturing, engaging classroom experience that is stimulating and builds a strong foundation of confidence and excitement about learning.”  Julie McFayden, parent of Elbow Park School students and a Member of the Elbow Park School Parent Council.


“As a grandpa of seven, going on eight grandchildren, attending Elbow Park School and a founding Director of CRCAG, I totally endorse the plan to rebuild the school on its existing site on which it has served our community so well over the years.  It is vitally important, however, that the recommended upstream mitigation measures and the 58th Avenue bypass accompany the rebuild.  Without these measures the school and community are at risk of further devastation in the future.”  Dr. Mike Bregazzi, Founding Director of Calgary River Communities Action Group.


Elbow Park School, Kindergarten Open House, Friday, January 10th from 9-10am.  See attachment for further information.  Kindergarten registration commences January 13th.