CRCAG Postcard Campaign: Is the Government hearing us?

August 22, 2015 by CRC Action Group in Calgary River Communities, News

It has been over two months since a rainy day this June when CRCAG held a press conference to publicly announce the launch of our Postcard Campaign, aimed at letting the new government know how important flood mitigation infrastructure is to the City of Calgary.  Since then, CRCAG had postcards dropped in the mailboxes of homes in flood-impacted communities all over the City.  Anyone who received one and wanted to send a message to the Premier about flood mitigation could simply fill out their return address, sign the postcard and drop it in a mailbox – as the postage was pre-paid.  These were collected by CRCAG and have been delivered in batches to the Premier’s Office over the course of the summer.  We are pleased to announce that literally hundreds of postcards have been collected and delivered.


Unfortunately, what we are not pleased to announce, is that in spite of the Premier’s Office indicating to a reporter who covered our press conference in June, that CRCAG’s request for a meeting had been received and we would receive a response shortly – we have heard absolutely nothing.  We have not received a response to our request for a meeting with the Premier.  Nor have we heard a response to our request for the Premier to attend the upcoming CRCAG Annual General Meeting this fall.  This is concerning.  How much of a priority is protecting the City of Calgary from disasterous flooding?


Thank you everyone for speaking up and sending in your emails and postcards.   However – we’ll need to speak up louder and not give up.  This issue is just too important to the City of Calgary.  We must protect the downtown core, the businesses, the City’s infrastructure and our communities.