CRCAG needs your feedback!

April 20, 2015 by CRC Action Group in News



As we near the second anniversary of the devastating flood of 2013, the Calgary River Communities Action Group (CRCAG) continues to advocate for solutions to protect the citizens of Calgary from a future flood event.  We have not wavered from the mandate set out in the early days of our formation and fundamentally our goals remain the same.  Below is a re-statement of CRCAG’s current mandate.

As you know, we have always been a volunteer organization, run by a team of dedicated volunteers who represent various flood impacted communities in Calgary, including Bowness, Sunnyside, Rideau-Roxboro and Elbow Park.  We have realized that in order to fulfil our mandate, it may be necessary to hire professional help in certain areas, such as: lawyers, environmental experts, lobbyists and/or communications professionals.

As members of CRCAG, we would like you to take a moment to complete the attached survey to: (1) affirm CRCAG’s mandate; (2) rate the effectiveness of CRCAG and government; and (3) affirm support for future decisions to expend monies on professional services.  We also kindly request you consider making a donation to CRCAG to continue to support the cause.

CRCAG – Current Mandate

1.    CRCAG will continue to advocate for construction of large-scale flood mitigation infrastructure to provide the City of Calgary protection for at minimum a 1 in 200 year scale flood event on the Elbow River

2.    CRCAG will continue to advocate for the Government of Alberta to immediately enter into a legal agreement with TransAlta Corporation to leverage existing infrastructure on the Bow River and its tributaries for flood mitigation purposes.

3.    CRCAG will advocate for construction of additional flood mitigation infrastructure on the Bow River to ensure protection for at minimum a 1 in 200 year scale flood event.

4.    CRCAG will participate in legal and regulatory proceedings as deemed necessary by the CRCAG Board in furtherance of advocating for particular flood mitigation infrastructure projects.

5.    CRCAG will continue to advocate against policy, legislative and regulatory changes that are prejudicial to and negatively impact property owners in flood impacted communities.