CRCAG DRP Survey Results

February 6, 2015 by CRC Action Group in News

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Disaster Recovery Program (DRP) Status Survey in December. We had respondents that were impacted by the Bow, Elbow and High Rivers. Respondents were from Calgary, Bragg Creek, High River, Exshaw and the Kananaskis.


Not surprisingly, the survey results tell a story of continuing frustration, mental exhaustion and stress resulting from the DRP process. Homeowners were never expecting the DRP to cover all losses and recognized that compensation from this program was intended to bring people back to a basic standard. In spite of those realistic expectations, the DRP continues to disappoint, and homeowners clearly are shouldering the lion’s share of the financial burden resulting from Canada’s largest natural disaster.


More than 85% of survey respondents experienced a loss exceeding $100,000, and 50% of respondents had a loss exceeding $200,000. However, more than half of respondents received less than $30,000 from the DRP as their final payment (pre-appeal). A number of respondents have appealed, yet for those who received further DRP funding on appeal, 45% received less than $10,000 and 35% received $10,000-$30,000 – which means most homeowners are left responsible for a significant amount of their loss. Yet, unfortunately, there still seems to be a public misconception that flood impacted homeowners were all fully compensated for their losses by the DRP – which simply is not the case.


Many of the survey respondents have attempted the appeal process; although most were unaware they could further appeal to the Minister of Municipal Affairs. Of those who had appealed to the Minister, final decisions had not yet been received.


A major source of frustration with the DRP process has been the lack of information provided to applicants. For the vast majority of survey respondents, the basis for denial of their claims (in whole or in part) was unclear – making the appeal process even more difficult.


The Alberta government recently announced it is aiming to resolve all 2013 DRP flood applications by summer and has increased the number of caseworkers. You may read the entire announcement here. We genuinely hope this effort on behalf of the Alberta government means better results for all of you. As difficult as the appeal process may seem – we encourage you to keep it up!


CRCAG DRP Survey Results