City of Calgary’s “Community Advisory Group” Information

April 27, 2016 by CRC Action Group in News

Dear CRCAG Member:


As part of its overall “Flood Mitigation Readiness Assessment” process, the City of Calgary has struck the “Community Advisory Group” (CAG) to obtain stakeholder input as various mitigation options along the Bow and Elbow rivers are considered. This work has commenced and CRCAG was invited to participate.


Our representative on the CAG is Daryl Rudichuk, a long time member of the CRCAG core team. Also participating is Rob Nieuwesteeg on behalf of the Bow communities, who is also a long time CRCAG core team member. There is also participation from several Community Associations and other community representatives.


We have been provided with the following link to the City’s webpage regarding the CAG and its purpose:
We encourage you to review the documentation currently posted, and to bookmark this page and check for updates as this work advances in the months ahead.


As stated by the City on this page, the role of the CAG is to:

  • review and compare the mitigation measures and provide input into optimizing solutions to meet community needs;
  • provide feedback into the Province’s Bow River Working Group (BRWG) , which will make recommendations for flood mitigation on the Bow river that will inform this project. The City is co-chairing this committee with the Province;
  • act as liaisons to their respective stakeholder groups (if applicable) to communicate the project process; and
  • review the final input to help inform recommendations made by the City to Council.


Note that the CAG is different from the BRWG. CRCAG will participate in the BRWG as outlined in a recent post to our website, but we have not yet been advised when that participation will commence. Of course, we’ve been following up with the Province on that front, and will keep you informed.


We look forward to your comments and input as the CAG’s work advances. We will provide these to the CAG, and to the other City and Provincial representatives with whom we’ve worked these last three years, as best we can.
And as always, we encourage you to continue your individual engagement and advocacy directly with all of your elected officials, in your usual tremendously effective way. CRCAG is a very strong voice, but it is a single voice.


All the best,


Your CRCAG Team