Aviva Fund\Vacant Lots\Personal Mitigation Exhibition

December 6, 2013 by CRC Action Group in Meetings & Updates, News
Hi Members,
This message has three important parts.
1. Rideau Park School Aviva Fund
2. Members Committee to Consult To The Province Regarding Vacant Lots
3. Personal Mitigation Exhibition
1. Rideau Park School


Rideau Park School is a semi-finalist to receive the Aviva Fund prize money. Rideau Park School Parents have asked we share this update. No other flood impacted causes are competing with Rideau Park School and we felt it appropriate to share the Rideau Park Parents Update:


“As you know Rideau Park School, one of Calgary’s oldest community schools, was badly impacted by the flood.  It fared better than Elbow Park School but the playground was damaged and all sporting equipment was lost.  As a result, the Rideau Park School Council is spearheading a fundraising effort for a new playground and sport court.  And we need your help!!
Here is a link to a fund that could win the school $100,000 just by getting enough votes! After reaching the Semi-Finals this Fall we are now way behind and need to galvanize as many people as we can to just vote.
Once you are registered, it takes under 3 seconds to vote – and costs nothing.  Just set up a bookmark and hit “Vote” each day until December 11.
We are simply asking people to vote online every day until December 11.
Please have your family members, and anyone else you wish, join in.
We are all flood-weary, but please let’s galvanize for our kids and communities one more time. Thank you.”
2. Vacant Lots 
CRCAG has been vocal in our opposition to the Floodway Buyout Policy but it is a reality that our communities need to face. It is critical that impacted communities are consulted on what will become of the soon-to-be vacant lots.
In the 1970’s the City of Montreal purchased lots mid-block and transformed them into well-lit beautiful urban parks. When asked about the plans for these lots, Andre Corbould made the commitment to working with us and our members to address concerns and plan for the best possible outcome for these spaces.
We are looking for volunteers to join a smaller sub-group that will consult to the Province on behalf of our communities. Please contact Emma May at emma.may@crcactiongroup.com if you are interested in joining this group or taking the lead on it. Please also indicate which community you reside in as this will assist us in making sure we have balanced community representation.

3. Individual Flood Mitigation Exhibition

We continue to push for the large scale mitigation projects that the City and Province are actively pursuing. But many of you are looking for information as to how you can best protect your home and property in the event of another flood or disaster. Many of you are looking for information about how to best rebuild in the flood plain.
CRCAG has proposed to the City and the Province the idea of a trade show or exhibition where homeowners can learn about what mitigation methods and or products are available. The City and Province are keen to participate. This idea is in its infancy and we are looking for those who have experience co-ordinating trade shows or exhibitions of this sort.
We think this could be a great sponsorship opportunity for many local businesses as well.  If you are interested in helping make this Exhibition a reality please contact Emma at emma.may@crcactiongroup.com