April 29 Flood Mitigation Symposium/DRP Assistance Offer from MP Joan Crockatt

April 20, 2014 by CRC Action Group in News

The Alberta Flood Mitigation Symposium


On April 29th there will be a Flood Mitigation Symposium at the BMO Centre in Calgary. We anticipate that there will be information presented that will be of great interest to flood impacted residents.  Please continue to contact representatives in the Government of Alberta to advocate for this mitigation. Minister Robin Campbell of ESRD is now the Minister in charge of mitigation projects. His constituency office contact information is west.yellowhead@assembly.ab.ca .



“By hosting a symposium on flood mitigation, the Government of Alberta is taking action to make sure we are prepared for future flood.

Alberta’s Watershed Management Symposium: Flood and Drought Mitigation

This public symposium covers Alberta’s progress to improve its flood and drought resiliency, including the role of natural solutions.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
BMO Centre, Hall D
20 Roundup Way, Calgary


Open to the public.”


 Register at this link. http://alberta.ca/flood-symposium.cfm



DRP Assistance


MP Joan Crockatt reached out to the CRCAG in recent days regarding her concern that her constituents in Calgary were still having great difficulty with the DRP process. She has volunteered to do what she can to assist those who are still struggling with DRP. Ms. Crockatt can be contacted at Joan.Crockatt.C1A@parl.gc.ca. Her constituency office contact information is


1455 17th Ave. SW, Unit 3B
Calgary, Alberta
T2T 0E1

Telephone: 403.244.1880
Fax: 403.245.3468


Thanks Joan for reaching out.


Land Use ByLaw Amendment


Note this matter is top of mind for us here at CRCAG. We will have more news on this front this week but please do keep writing to your Councillors and Mayor with your concerns.