CRCAG Meeting with Flood Task Force and Flood Advisory Panel

August 23, 2013 by CRC Action Group in News

On August 22, founders of CRCAG met with the Flood Recovery Task Force and the Flood Advisory Panel. There was a lot of new information on the table given the recent announcement by the Alberta Government of the Floodway Buy Out Program. Floodway Buy-Out CRCAG expressed our concerns regarding the checkboarding of communities, the impact of vacant lots in our communities, the intention of the government with regard to the lots after […]

Floodway Buyout – Initial Response

August 23, 2013 by CRC Action Group in News

Please see the attached media release from the Alberta Government outlining its plan to offer homeowners in the floodway a one-time payment of last assessed value to leave the floodway. We have a mixed reaction to this news. This will be good news for some but we fear it may lead to the checkerboarding of our communities. This is a time of extreme stress for so many. We still believe that […]

DRP Funding Survey

August 19, 2013 by CRC Action Group in News

CRCAG is meeting with government officials later this week.  We would like to bring to their attention that many residents are struggling on account of not having received any DRP funding and/or having no certainty as to their eligibility and how much DRP funding they may be entitled to, and when they would receive DRP if entitled.  Please complete this survey if you have applied for DRP funding and would […]

New Building Standards Released, Meeting with DRP Rep

August 19, 2013 by CRC Action Group in News

The following statements were released by the Alberta Government today. While we still have a number of concerns and are still actively pursuing our agenda of getting government commitment to flood prevention infrastructure, preserving the integrity of our communities, restoring property loss/values we are incredibly encouraged with what the Provincial Government has released today. It clearly demonstrates that collectively we have been able to have our voices heard and that […]

Flood Mitigation Survey Results

August 15, 2013 by CRC Action Group in News

As we embark on mitigating our individual homes against flooding we continue to advocate for large scale community solutions that will provide even great protection to the homeowner, business owner, and City of Calgary. A very special thank you from all of us at CRCAG to Brenda Leeds Binder for her great work putting together this survey and analyzing the results. FLOOD MITIGATION SURVEY – SUMMARY OF RESULTS The Calgary […]

Flood Mitigation Survey

August 11, 2013 by CRC Action Group in News

The survey will need to be completed by Wednesday August 14 for CRC Action Group to use this information when meeting with government officials. Take the survey now This survey is intended to collect information from affected homeowners as to the feasibility and practicality of implementing the flood mitigation steps and using the approved building materials.  The CRCAG will use this information when meeting with government officials to provide feedback and proposals […]

CRC meeting with Minister Griffiths and Andre Corbould

August 9, 2013 by CRC Action Group in Calgary River Communities, News

We are pleased to report that yesterday we had a meeting with Minister Doug Griffiths and Mr. Andre Corbould who is in charge of the Southern Alberta Flood Recovery Task Force. This was a two hour meeting and we had the opportunity to discuss a number of our concerns and ask some of the specific questions that you have been asking us. This is our summary of what we were […]

WaterSmart Report on Flood Mitigation, Upcoming City Meetings

August 7, 2013 by CRC Action Group in News

Alberta WaterSMART released a paper yesterday, The 2013 Great Alberta Flood: Actions to Mitigate, Manage and Control Future Floods. The document provides some excellent background on the history of flooding in Alberta and proposes some sound, practical solutions. We will continue to push all levels of government to make upstream mitigation the centrepiece of flood policy going forward. We have confirmed our meeting with senior government officials responsible for the […]

CRC Action Group Update, Herald Response

August 7, 2013 by CRC Action Group in News

This note is to provide an update on the recent activity of the CRC Action Group core team. Our focus has been trying to get clarity on the issues around acceptance of Disaster Recovery Program (DRP) funding, especially as it relates to land title notations. We are also to advocating for a change in building standards; based on neighbourhood feedback we believe the building material rules are too restrictive and will […]

Mental Health Moment

August 6, 2013 by CRC Action Group in News

While it is important that we rebuild our homes and communities after the flood, it is equally important to take notice of our emotional health. The following is excerpted from the Canadian Mental Health Association’s document Taking Care of Your Mental Health After the Flood. See below for additional mental health resources. The following are tips to help alleviate stress during and after disaster strikes: Actively seek accurate information; not […]